The “Med”…


So this is Greece. Not sure how inspired I am to return for a “summer” holiday :-/ although the weather was MUCH better than the whole of Italy.

Our drive from the Italian ferry took us almost to the other side of Greece within an easy drive of the Turkish border… Probably would have continued through to near Istanbul but after using all our €’s on the ferry over night we have a pile of toll charges to pay at the bank that is only open on Monday’s. Well planned eh.

By kiwisinafrica Posted in Europe

One comment on “The “Med”…

  1. Hi Sweetheart, I have just been speaking to Mum and she tells me that you are loving Istanbul….as we did…..and that you are planning on avoiding Syria which is a great relief to all of us in NZ!!! We are loving following your trip….travel well…Axo

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