Africa Overocean 2012

So we’ve been doing a bit of boating the last few days… Hence no Internet or tracking after being encased in a steel freight ship since Monday. Dull to say the least.

We did however meet some pretty cool peeps also killing time on our route so I’ll start with the French guy carrying tanks of live baby fish from Greece. (He’s the guy in the title pic of the post) The poor bugger had to check the oxygen and acid levels every 4 hours regardless of sleep deprivation and explained in 90% French this morning that today/tonight it would be every hour until the delivery was made. He was a total nutter but very sweet and wanted everyone to check out his “baby fish”. You can see him on the truck as we are brought into port.

Richard also managed to get an invite to a BMW drift day in Lavrio, southern Greece by a cafe owner who didn’t even know he had one parked up in London waiting to go! This was definitely the highlight for young RW.

Last night in Cyprus, three Portuguese journalists got on the ship for the final leg to Haifa and it turned out they were in the middle of completing “the road to revolution” documentary. Interestingly they had entered Syria three weeks ago, took a bunch of footage and it was published by a German news company. It has more than 5 million views so far. They now want to return to Syria again knowing it’s highly likely they will be arrested. Crazy guys!

Their website is here:
They had also travelled overland to cape town in 2009 but on the western route and they say they miss it everyday. They covered the build up to the football world cup and managed to get from top to bottom with out any documentation whatsoever, not even drivers licences! Makes us feel a bit stupid after spending months (and £££’s) obtaining every document conceivable to man!! They published a book about their tour but as it was in Portuguese we didn’t accept the copy…

We also babysat some push bikes that two Aussie guys had cycled from London on. I think they had achieved 5000km’s in about 3 months but were badly disadvantaged by the horrendous weather Europe had to throw at all of us this season. Poor guys also got put through the ringer in the ports today and our little gang from downunder were very very frazzled after 10-11 hours of jumping through hoops and running in circles to get out of the blimmin’ port. What a disaster. Had we gotten any sleep last night it may have been easier but we lay awake the entire night rolling from one side of our bunks to the other in the swell. Richard kept getting up to check on French-fish-guy to make sure he hadn’t been flung over the side whilst wandering about on top of his tanks. The boat docked at 6am and the games begun around 7am. We finally drove out of the port gates at about 4.45 in the afternoon to find out that our map for the navigation device didn’t really work.

You can probably tell I’m pretty tired and over-it today but our adventure has been really entertaining and eye opening so far! It seems such a cliche to bring up the old “meet such interesting people when you travel” scenario but you really do! Can’t rave about it enough, I think we both feel really lucky so far (just excluding today)

4 comments on “Africa Overocean 2012

  1. Wow what an amazing few days meeting so many interesting people.
    I am not surprised you found the port experience challenging but think it just might be one of many experiences you will encounter!!

  2. Hello, sounds like you are having an amazing time. We are planning a similar trip leaving in August. Just wondering how you managed to get your vehicle on to a cargo ship!? Any tips you have would be much appreciated. We are currently trying to work out how we could get to Sudan without going through Syria or Libya (although Libya may be an option). Thanks and happy travels. Abi

    • Hi Abi.

      We can definitely recommend the trip. 🙂 We rang around a lot of shipping agents to find a way around Syria. We ended up using Rosenfeld shipping based in Haifa, Israel. However it is difficult to recommend them as there were a few hidden costs on arrival and the total cost was quite high. We know a few people now that have come via Libya. This may be the better option. Also israel stamps are tricky (but not impossible) to avoid. If you need more info, drop me another note and we can chat via email.

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