Perfectly executed mistake


Upon departure from Petra yesterday we realised we were starting to get low on diesel… No problem, lots of fuel stops on the way to Aqaba we said. But apparently not, the first one we found was on the opposite side of the motorway where we coughed and spluttered to a stop. Richard finally got to use his rotopax contraption (jerrycan to you and me). Fortunately there was no traffic on said motorway!

We continued to Aqaba for ferry tickets to Nuweiba on the Sinai in Egypt. Faced with a 14 hour wait for a boat that left at 9pm, 10pm or midnight (no one could be sure) we settled on a “comfort” lunch of KFC and a milkshake at the beach where we watched the locals swimming in their clothes ?! We then washed the car at a truck stop… Much to the amusement of the drivers who spoke enough English only to offer us tea and coffee (such lovely people). We headed in to the port for another well planned mistake as it turns out the ferry company had added another sailing to the schedule and we got rushed through and left at 7pm. Sweet!

Our superman guide Waleed from our tour through Egypt last week set us up with a police officer at the port and we were through the gates and on the road to Dahab by 11pm. This would have been impossible had we been on our own, the port has no signage (not even Arabic) no “flow” (there are random shacks, windows and offices all over the place) and no one spoke English apart from our helper. We honestly believe we would have been in that port until Christmas trying to get out! If any other overlanders are reading this, try to get a fixer or guide to help you on arrival at Nuweiba. We can’t stress enough how complicated it was.

Waleed then booked us a hotel where himself and our tour companions from last week were staying in Dahab so we have had a quick catch up over breakfast this morning and everyone has had a little play with the truck… Which I would like to add (very sentimentally) has finally landed on the African continent 18 months after the conception of this trip, that is pretty exciting for us! Still can’t believe we are actually doing this 😀 Are we nuts?

I’m now parked on a lounger overlooking the Red Sea and utilising the free Internet. As I said previously, we have new pics to put up and should have some done by the end of the day.

Jo and Rich x

4 comments on “Perfectly executed mistake

  1. Phil says the snorkeling there is amazing and if you’ve got the chance you should really try and get out and have a look. Sounds amazing, love the sound of cocktails on the beach. Congrats on finally reaching Africa! P.s. I think you will be the ONLY couple to complete a London to Cape Town trip with a clean car x

    • Hey Gabes. We did the snorkelling at the blue hole. It was a great day out. Shame we don’t have time to do the dive training. Will save that for later in the trip. Dahab is awesome. £1 beers – says it all 🙂

  2. Oh, love the pics of Petra too… You look v stylish for a person living out of a car Jo, you look and bit hot and bothered too 🙂

  3. Hi Jo and Richard…..congratulations on finally arriving in Africa…..what a wonderful, intrepid adventure you are having….such courage and ingenuity…..I’m in awe…..lots of love Axo

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