Time for desert…


We finally had to admit defeat and depart from Dahab after staying an extra 3 nights and really enjoying our first taste of summery downtime! Great place for a totally laid back summer holiday if anyone is interested… Much nicer than Sharm unless you are looking for an Egyptian Vegas.

We continued on to Ismailia on the Suez Canal for the night and then west into the desert for our first camping… Two whole nights without anything but ourselves and the truck, our preparation proved thorough and we wanted for nothing (other than a shower after 3 days!). Desert driving has been weird, wonderful and everything in between! We are now missing a coating of paint from our winch and absolutely everything is full of sand but it was worth it for the experience. You can’t go anywhere in Egypt without meeting the nicest people. Everywhere we stop people buy us tea, soft drinks and even lunch/dinner. Today we asked the tourist police where we could buy a good lunch from in Al Kharga and next thing a police car comes down the road with tea and a bag full of food!! Even one of the guys who helped us out of the sand bought us drinks when we bumped into him at the car wash two days later.

We are in Assuit tonight back on the Nile and hope to reach Aswan tomorrow… However, this is a long drive made longer by heavy donkey traffic and so we may be stopping in Luxor, let’s hope the donkeys, camels and tuktuks are on holiday tomorrow.

5 comments on “Time for desert…

  1. Love the story about the police bringing you food and drink – that is so amazing.

    What lovely people you are meeting!

    • 4×4 training course definitely helped. We only got stuck once. Haha. Driving on soft sand takes a bit of practice. If you get too heavy on the gas the whole car digs in. In the pic the rear diff is in the sand. The locals are used to stopping to help people stuck in the sand. We got a few tips too. Our off road tyres make it bit harder as they will dig in harder than road tyres. Didn’t try dune bashing which is a shame, would’ve been cool but too risky on our own.

  2. Dad says that off roading in soft sand is best done with your tyres half deflated.
    When we were in Namibia in the desert and our vehicle got stuck our guide deflated the tyres to get us out of trouble.

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