Egypt diesel situation

For other overlanders that may be reading, diesel is somewhat of a concern in Egypt at the moment.

For instance we reached Baharia Oasis (300km’s into the desert) on Wednesday with a quarter tank to find out that all 3 stations were out of diesel. After approaching some locals a desert tour guide kindly took us for a drive into the back alleys to a man that was hoarding diesel in his garage and we filled the tank and jerrys for some peace of mind.

Down the road in Farafra Oasis though there was plenty of diesel but we also found that only one station in Sharm had diesel earlier in the week and we queued for some time to fill up. We queued again this morning in Al Kharga and met many friends handing over their mobile numbers! Diesel supply seems patchy but isn’t impossible to find, just be prepared to wait for the pump! And always ask locals if you are worried as they will find anything you need as quickly as possible.

3 comments on “Egypt diesel situation

  1. Sounds wonderful Jo….what an adventure….obviously you and Richard have a straight forward friendly approach to every challenge you encounter and people just want to help you out which is fantastic….lots of love….Axo

    • Hi Anne, I think Richard should take the credit for all the attention we get! He is so laid back and loves to chat… I am always more reserved! We have been treated very well by very nationality so far, we are lucky!

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