Sudanese heat!


We are in Khartoum today, it is baking hot as you can see from the pic I took in the car yesterday.

We bumped into another over landing Kiwi yesterday who gave us tons of great advice so thanks to Darren in his Defender! Darren has been travelling for two and a half years now so he is a pro… and very committed!

We also met a French couple in Wadi Halfa who have travelled in their Defender for 18 months now… Canada, US, South America and then Jo’burg to France. They were also lovely to chat to and had some great recommendations for the countries we are yet to visit. Did I mention they also had FIVE CHILDREN. Five! So all 7 have lived in their Defender for 18 months, how inspirational is that!

We have spent the last 5 days travelling with two Italian bikers, Roberto and Andreas, really great guys full of the textbook Italian passion! They have headed for the border today so good luck to them both and maybe we will catch them again in Ethiopia.

Anyway, we are now a bit grounded in Khartoum as we have an empty fuel tank, no more cash and Visa cards do not work anywhere in the country. Brilliant! Hopefully HSBC and Western Union can help us out swiftly 😦

Jo and Rich x

2 comments on “Sudanese heat!

  1. Good luck with the Fuel situation dude.. i was stuck there a few years ago and had to settle for warm water as the Coke was reserved for VIP’s!! 🙂

    • haha.. seems we were lucky. We hear via the HUBB (Horizon’s Unlimited Bulletin Board) that it’s nearly impossible to get diesel in Egypt now. There are long queues at every station. The only quick way is via the black market and the cost seems to have gone quite a bit higher!

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