Beast of a Feast

Surprisingly, Richard couldn’t resist a gut busting all-you-can-eat African meat restaurant so last night we spent the evening at Carnivore restaurant filling up on ostrich meatballs, crocodile chops and ox balls. Yes, cows TESTICLES.


I had the chicken.

Today we departed Jungle Junction, Nairobi for Tanzania but changed our minds enroute and we now find ourselves at Natalie’s Resort tonight in Eldoret, bound for Kampala tomorrow. We decided that we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with the Mountain Gorillas and so hopefully we will be picking ticks and fleas with the big guys themselves by the weekend 😉

Obviously we have been a bit slow on pics for Flickr, hopefully tonight we can add the Turkana route ones that we have been holding on to the last week.

Take care everyone,
Jo and Rich

6 comments on “Beast of a Feast

  1. Hi you two
    How is life treating you. Congratulation for your trip through the Oma Valley. The next time we will take the same way. We are already in Assuan. Markus is at the harbor to get Nisto out. It can only take a couple of hours more ;o). We are fine. We liked Sudan a lot after the Ethiopian Costumes kept us for 95 h at the border. Didn’t declare all our cameras, and they don’t like the underwater camera from Markus. But now we are free again.
    All the best for you and always safe travel.
    Markus and Sonja

    • Hey guys, great to hear from you! Well done on surviving Ethiopia and your customs disaster x
      Thanks for the good wishes and congratulations on our Turkana crossing to Nairobi, we were very proud of ourselves!!
      Please stay in touch as we love to her how you are doing, you are so close to home now… Lucky people 🙂

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