Malawi fuel situation…

For other overlanders heading to Malawi… We have had no trouble with getting fuel in the last two weeks.

I believe the changes in government have meant more fuel supply?

We were preparing to take 1500km’s of diesel with us due to the constant reports of dire fuel shortages but thankfully we didn’t bother as there was diesel (and petrol) available in the majority of stations. If one was out then the next station would be stocked up and without any significant queuing.

We still had 50 litres in the jerries to be safe and this was possibly still a wise choice but we never struggled to fill up and emptied the jerries for the sake of not lugging around extra fuel.

In fact, the diesel in Zambia was 30US cents more per litre so if you’re heading from Malawi to Zambia… Top up on the Malawi side!

Hopefully that is helpful to someone!
Jo and Richard

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