It just had to be a nail-biter of a finish…

Of course at some point in our journey the luck had to run out and it most definitely did the day we left Swakopmund to head north again.

We weren’t really supposed to be in Swakopmund to be honest but with yet more bad advice from our Lonely Planet, we “had” to go there in order to obtain permits for the Skeleton Coast National Park. You don’t need to, that’s complete rubbish.

We spent a couple of nights there anyway, had a campsite with private bathroom (!!), found a great cafe and dressed in clothes without holes or stains for a fancy dinner out. All wonderful. Then we headed north.

No need for diesel in Swakopmund… We’ll fill up on the way. No we won’t, as we had 100km’s of range showing on the dash we realised the closest station was 100km’s behind us. A night in Henties Bay, a full tank + plus jerry can and we were off again.

Enter Skeleton Coast National Park (via a STINKY Cape Cross seal colony) and we were well on track… For 11 hours of being stuck in the sand. Brilliant.

After our night of “adventure” referred to in the previous post, we head for Palm as we need fuel, money and the mother of all car washes. We arrive, there is no fuel, ATM or car wash in Palm.

On to the delightful little Kamanjab and our favourite bar at Oppi Koppi Rest Camp… A terrible road (not helped by very wobbly steering due to wheels etc heavily laden with sand) and we find a familiar and sympathetic face at the other end. Thanks to Oppi Koppi for giving us 5 hours use of their cleaning equipment and the first meal and beverage we had had in 30 hours (beer and pizza of course).

Let’s head to Opuwo, we’d been told about a gorgeous hotel in the area with a great campsite and views… Tarmac road! Things really are looking up! A few drinks, a beautiful sunset and two long sighs of relief.

We are only hours away from the Van Zyls Pass, “let’s do it!” says Richard, “NO” says Jo, “YES” says Richard, “NO FLIPPIN’ WAY” says Jo. We do the Van Zyls Pass (A notorious one way/downhill 4×4 track.)

Our slightly bung tyre as a result of our night of terror in Moremi can’t really do much more rock climbing/descents and has frightening looking bulges exuding from every angle inside and out after reaching the bottom.

We catch the sunset in the Marienfluss (stunning) and then continue to Marble Community Camp only 50km’s away…

The road is actually a rock track and it takes hours. Excellent. We sleep, change the wheel, and hit the river bed tracks in search of the famed “desert” Elephants (the whole reason for heading north). There are none and in a desperate bid to justify all this chaos we start taking pictures of anything that moves, it’s “desert adapted” says Richard so the giraffes, impala and zebra suddenly become different in some way. No problem, let him have his moment.

Hours and hours of river beds behind us and we hit the first road we’ve seen in days, it’s horrendously rutted and corrugated and another tyre completely disintegrates. Two tyres in two days after 20,000 miles. Just perfect.

Oh and the spare wheel winch jams so the ruined wheel has to be wedged into the boot. Things get a little quiet in the car… Our tyres (MT-R 19″ etc etc) are exceptionally rare and we have to consider the possibility of continuing to Cape Town with no spare at all.

Windhoek! What a bloody wonderful place! The option of a brand new 19″ MT-R or slightly used for half the price, fitted in moments. The gorgeous sparkly Land Rover dealership has a replacement spare wheel winch and we find the best car wash in the whole of Africa to remove the 10 tonnes of sand we are carrying around in the underbody of the car. We’re back on track! Properly!

Since then we have had a fantastic time. Sossusvlei, got the last available campsite in the area, caught sunset and sunrise and didn’t pulverise the huge Oryx that bolted out in front of the car! We have had a really relaxing couple of days, lovely accommodation, beautiful sights and tonight we are only 180’s from the border with South Africa.

How heart-wrenching.

2 comments on “It just had to be a nail-biter of a finish…

  1. Namibia certainly proved herself to be a big challenge for you guys!! Just as well you had a lot of overlanding experience behind you to help you. Could have been a bit overwhelming if this was just the beginning of the trip!!

  2. We loved Namibia and Sossusvlei so I am pleased that you had a happy ending to a challenging time….you can understand why the Namibians are so resourceful….Axo

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