Underpants over our trousers… And maybe a cape?


I finally have something to “blog” about… Absolutely nothing even slightly Africa, over-landing or off-roading related has occurred in the last few months and then we came across this poor fella last night…


We shut out the oppressive darkness, rain, pollution and crowded streets and briefly returned to the Serengeti in Tanzania and Sossusvlei in Namibia where we encountered other sticky situations (excuse the pun).

This unsuspecting chap had driven over a large bollard/stone policeman on a narrow lane in the heart of central London and was beached at an extraordinary angle in his SUV. Richard took one quick look and almost leapt from our moving vehicle at the exciting prospect of rescuing someone with his beloved winch!

After some tight manoeuvring of the orange beast the winch cable was out in a flash and Richard was on the job.

I don’t think the stranded gentleman knew quite what to think but hey… He’s free to carry on and I couldn’t really say who was happier! Us or him 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!… Spread a little festive spirit and help those in need if you happen to stumble upon them, its pretty fun (when you’re car nerds like us anyway, thanks for the adjective Gabrielle x)

5 comments on “Underpants over our trousers… And maybe a cape?

  1. There’s no-one quite like a Kiwi when it comes to lending a hand….except perhaps two Kiwis….Lots of Love and Merry Christmas….Axo

  2. You had better make sure Rich doesn’t use undies with holes in them!! And you don’t use the nana knickers!! Wouldn’t be so super hero!!

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