Lake Turkana… IMPORTANT!

If you’re considering the Lake Turkana route into Kenya then you must read this post from cornwalltocapetown … They had a scary experience as did we.

Richard and I chose not to say anything for fear of worrying our families but on our jaunt past Turkana we found a body on the shores, white in appearance and it left us very quiet and very shaken considering it was just the two us after deciding we didn’t need a convoy on this particular route.

Clearly you do!

Lake Turkana from Cornwall to Cape Town

4 comments on “Lake Turkana… IMPORTANT!

  1. Hi guys, we’re going to be heading through that part of the world in the next couple of months and my wife and I are feeling a “little” nervous to say the least!

    Any chance you could send me an email if you have any advice, or if you know of any options other than just “cracking on” with a couple of cars in convoy?

    Chris and Jules

    • Hi Chris! I’m so jealous you’re on the trip! Man, I miss it. Have emailed you with a really long boring email! Hopefully something useful in there. Take care 🙂

  2. Absolutely, well said. Thanks for reading as ever, Chris and Jules please feel free to contact us if you want further advice. From our point of view I think this is a serious crossing, but also an amazing and beautiful one, unforgettable if all is well.

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