Frank! We’re coming to get you…

So we are off! It’s been a mind boggling experience to get to this, the first day of our journey but with a few missing finger nails… bumps… bruises… additional wrinkles and many more grey hairs we have finally set off.

Tomorrow we head for Czech Republic via Leipzig and on to Slovakia. We have caught up with some old friends at Nürburgring today, done some neglected work on the truck and actually packed our possessions instead of throwing them at the open doors from a distance in order to leave the drive way and not miss our tunnel crossing.

With a host of fresh parts fitted underneath and our trusty tent fixed to the roof the truck is feeling great and we are actually starting to get excited about what lies ahead, plus a “twitchy eye” level of anxiety for myself too of course, can’t travel anywhere without that now can I?!

Will let all you chaps know when our website has been updated with our new tech and toys!


One comment on “Frank! We’re coming to get you…

  1. Congrats Rich n’ Jo for the graceful exit! Looking forward to following your adventures, life-changing insights and game-changers! Travel safe with lots of love from us xx

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