All the golden onions…

Well, not all of them but I had to really limit the number of church and cathedral photos I put in this post as we have seen many (like a lot)!

It’s been a very busy week since the last update here, also a busy time on Facebook so I’m guessing the pics and mini updates are pretty popular which is always nice to see… thank you for taking the time!

So, how do we cover everything from Russia so far?! It has been quite the ride; frustrating and fun in equal parts possibly.

Firstly, crossing the border from Imatra to Svetogorsk was very straight forward. Two friendly border guards moved us to the front of the foreign car queue then had a good laugh at our claim of driving to Australia. Passport control had us hang around for a bit while different individuals of varying ranks scrutinised our passports and visas but after some discussion and a few phone calls we were stamped, car and tent briefly inspected and sent on our way through the barriers.

Now for insurance, if we’d had a dollar for every time we had read online “pick up some insurance at the border from a kiosk or a petrol station, they all sell it, very easy, no problem”. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong! It was flippin’ difficult and absolutely no one would give us this insurance that is apparently mandatory. We ended up in the border town/area for 3-4 hours trying to get it sorted but with no luck. That was with data we could still reach from Finland, help from two Finnish chaps who could translate some Russian for us and numerous phone calls to the UK where we were offered third party insurance for a mere £470 (bollocks to that!). After ruffling a few feathers with the border police and noticing we were discreetly being watched and followed we decided we had to move on without the insurance and figure it out in St. Petersburg. After a couple of mornings trudging about asking for insurance (and some sightseeing of course) we eventually asked the staff at the hotel where we were camping, they found a place about 10 metres away that immediately issued the required insurance for only £72. After all that, can you actually believe it!

Insurance in hand we did a little dance and planned our stop at Catherine Palace on our way to Velikiy Novgorod the next day… after spending an hour queuing in the rain we paid for our ticket, were informed there were no English audio guides (as in they didn’t exist!) and then jostled through the establishment amongst a mass of tour groups. Back outside in the pouring rain we attempted a look at the gardens but the weather was horrendous and it just wasn’t enjoyable. We returned to the sanctuary of the car only to find it had turned in to a Russian registered family sedan in a pleasant shade of white paint. Perfect.

With Richard’s GPS tech we were able to locate the truck about 5 miles away from where we had left it. Who what when where and why! So many scenarios playing out in our minds! We called an Uber and with a speech translation app our driver helped us pinpoint where we needed to get to… and there she was, in all her orange glory, utterly unharmed but towed away for having parked too close to a crossing. The policeman was very nice, even had a couple of English words for us but after he realised there was no protocol for ticketing a foreigner he laughed and waved us off.

Things have gotten easier since then, still the crazy bucketing rain but it has slowly moved on. We had a restful few nights in Velikiy Novgorod and in the Valdai National Park where we visited the Iver Monastery and caught a snippet of their beautiful choir. We have really really enjoyed Moscow and met some lovely people (local and foreign). Even had a long and lazy lunch/dinner with some Aussies we met on a tour today and tomorrow we head for Nizhny Novgorod.

Still trying to work out the live tracking for you guys but we’ll get there, I think… ask Richard.

Bye! X

4 comments on “All the golden onions…

  1. Wow that would have been very scary to find Big Orange gone. I am relieved that it all worked out. I can imagine you must have been thinking your home on wheels had disappeared forever. Beautiful photos!

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