Swim for your youth…

Feels like an opportunity to celebrate a milestone, we’ve reached Lake Baikal! For some reason this was geographically an important point in the planning of the trip plus it’s pretty nice here too…

From here we are heading south and this is very close to being our most easterly point, at least until Beijing and then the end point of Melbourne anyway.

Apparently you add 5 years to your life for swimming in the brisk waters but I was not inspired… Richard was though and enjoyed the slowest entry in to the water ever known to man, credit where it’s due though! Brrr…

The lake is an interesting spot actually, it holds 20% of the worlds unfrozen fresh water! It is the largest (volume) and deepest lake and is approximately 25 million years old.

Some quick stats for you because I’m very hungry and want to have dinner!

  • Over 8,000 miles travelled
  • Crossed 5 or 6 or even 7 time zones (not entirely sure!)
  • We are 7 hours ahead of London, at the same time as Perth and 4 hours behind Auckland
  • Put diesel in the car 39 times in 8 weeks

Etc etc etc… nosh time!

One comment on “Swim for your youth…

  1. Places of such beauty and isolation….I doubt I will every get there so it is great to see them through your eyes….Axo

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