Star dome…

Oh dear, naughty naughty! 20th November was the last post from us.

Tonight we are camping on a farm, under an immense night sky, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia… I guess that says it all! We drove in to Singapore, handed over the car to the shipping agent and then waited for what seemed like an age to get it back again!

On reflection to Singapore, it seems there is this belief that it’s impossible to take your car there and if you do it’s crazy expensive… none of this is true, although the temporary insurance is expensive the entire process is really quite straight forward and there’s just a $50 fee for the permit and paperwork. Really not bad at all! When you’ve come that far, who wants to gripe over $50 and some costly insurance (obviously subject to individual vehicle and personal circumstances). The rules are strictly adhered to though and campervans or vehicles with (obvious) internal sleeping arrangements are not allowed but on the day of the border crossing at Woodlands no one really looked that much at the vehicle, just the paperwork.

The entry process in to Australia was tiresome and all rather half-assed but that’s how it is here and you just wait your turn. We gave our car a DIY jetwash and a vacuum in Malaysia 2/3 days before shipping and only two things had to be cleaned for the quarantine guys at this end… our dusty max trax and a pair of old shoes we had forgotten to throw in the bin when we packed the car in Singapore. There was accumulated dust and dirt and grime all over the place and it didn’t seem to be an issue. Another potential myth busted! We didn’t have any asbestos concerns raised either but we had done our research in advance and had written confirmation from Land Rover that the cars and parts were asbestos free many years before our car was built.

So, on to more interesting topics… Mr. Frank Furter, our beloved Dachshund, is now with us and learning to travel overland! This has been a really big deal, after so many months of being miserable without him we took the plunge and flew him to Perth so he could do the last stretch with us. He’s not so sure about it just yet but if we lay on the luxurious cushions and blankets then he seems to manage. Such a diva.

While we waited for the car to make an appearance we spent time in Auckland, Melbourne and Perth, had time apart and time together that wasn’t overlanding. It’s been a rough ride this one and a long break was really what we needed, lots of sleep and time to think about other things, be with Frank, be “normal”… it was invaluable and now that we have set off again in a new environment and a new culture it is all rather invigorating. We met some lovely people over Christmas and tonight we have settled in to a campsite on a beautiful farm. The night sky takes your breath away and it’s all very peaceful. The coastline is stunning and we have so much to see and do over the next few days including a dog friendly wine tour which we are really excited about!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!


4 comments on “Star dome…

  1. Pleased to hear that you are enjoying the Margaret River area, such a great place to visit. Hope your trip to Melbourne is enjoyable and Frank certainly looks comfortable in his new seat. Quite the dog, hope he enjoys the ride!!
    Best wishes to you both for the New Year and happy times in Melbourne.
    Elaine & Tony

  2. Beautiful photos Jo….many of the scenes are very familiar!
    So good to see you both….albeit rather fleetingly.
    Travel safe….lots of lkve….A๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  3. I came across your site after noticing your checkin on iOverlander whilst in Singapore. Didn’t think there would be places in Singapore a user of that app would check into in Singapore! I think most overlanders avoid Singapore because it really isn’t a destination which is conducive to overlanding, and also camper vans and other with sleeping/cooking facilities are actually not allowed to enter. The immigration folks must’ve not noticed the pop top on your vehicle, or possibly didn’t know what it was!

    • Well luckily we donโ€™t have a camper or pop top roof or internal sleeping or cooking facilities… we do have a roof tent and we were fully up front with the necessary authorities when we did our paperwork and were 100% ok to drive in Singapore. Other overlanders do go to Singapore also, such as overlandsite with their Toyota Prado with roof tent and others that we know of too ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ… rumours do give the impression that Singapore is a no go for overlanders but that is not the case if you have the appropriate vehicle and follow the correct paper trail

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