Lake Turkana… IMPORTANT!

If you’re considering the Lake Turkana route into Kenya then you must read this post from cornwalltocapetown … They had a scary experience as did we.

Richard and I chose not to say anything for fear of worrying our families but on our jaunt past Turkana we found a body on the shores, white in appearance and it left us very quiet and very shaken considering it was just the two us after deciding we didn’t need a convoy on this particular route.

Clearly you do!

Lake Turkana from Cornwall to Cape Town

Beast of a Feast

Surprisingly, Richard couldn’t resist a gut busting all-you-can-eat African meat restaurant so last night we spent the evening at Carnivore restaurant filling up on ostrich meatballs, crocodile chops and ox balls. Yes, cows TESTICLES.


I had the chicken.

Today we departed Jungle Junction, Nairobi for Tanzania but changed our minds enroute and we now find ourselves at Natalie’s Resort tonight in Eldoret, bound for Kampala tomorrow. We decided that we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with the Mountain Gorillas and so hopefully we will be picking ticks and fleas with the big guys themselves by the weekend 😉

Obviously we have been a bit slow on pics for Flickr, hopefully tonight we can add the Turkana route ones that we have been holding on to the last week.

Take care everyone,
Jo and Rich

Addis to Nairobi – Lake Turkana

We have just completed our crossing to Jungle Junction in Nairobi, we opted for the Lake Turkana route for safety and scenery – not to mention it was supposed to be a much softer track than the Marsabit route however it was not that soft! It is known as a sand road but we took the track around the Sibiloi National Park and it was very rocky.

We have seen some pretty amazing things along the way, had breakfast with some crocodiles and stumbled upon some zebra on the side of the road… you know, the usual. Lots of beautiful African tribes people just living their lives in the middle of nowhere.

We drove for approximately 800 km’s on a track. Just two tyre tracks disappearing into the distance! Rocks big and small, sand, mud and dry river beds that are just pebbles and trees. Richard has done all the driving and has done an amazing job, even hopping out to cut away the thorn bushes… Gotta take care of our lovely orange paint 🙂

We have been camping now for over two weeks with a long drop and a sponge bath (using a kitchen cleaning cloth) on the luxurious days so we have treated ourselves to an ensuite room tonight and then first thing tomorrow the car goes to Land Rover for a very deserved service and no doubt some repairs, we are very proud of our little orange trooper but it has taken a beating over the last week and has only complained once or twice when the suspension decides its too hot (43 degrees? Fair enough!).