The first thousand miles

Hello again,

Not really a lot to report, we have been busy bees working on the incomplete tasks we left London with, plus we haven’t really had reliable internet and have burned through a worrying amount of data!

We have covered good ground so far, stopping at Nurburgring for two nights to organise ourselves… one night by the lake at Hainer See… one night on a camping island in Prague… one night behind a busy motorway in a funny little spot called Camp Alpa (great for winding on a new winch rope)… another night in the Tatra Mountains, by a lake again on the Slovakian side and now we find ourselves in a very sweet little campground in Krakow!

We can finally unpack the back of the truck and enjoy three or four nights in one place, we have a little pitch surrounded by tall hedges all to ourselves and the internet is great so here it is, the last 5 days laid out on a blog post with little to talk about! Ha!

Today we travelled through a place called Zakopane, basically a Polish Aspen where the wealthy come to stay in their sprawling holiday homes and tourists pay double for everything. However, there is usually a reason for this type of set up and that is its beauty in the mountains with the spring water, baths/spas and stunning vistas. We opted for sandwiches constructed on the tailgate of the Disco with slightly stale bread and then carried on to Krakow so no living large for us in Zakopane.

Our return to Prague after many years was a big hit, we both realised how much we loved it there. So beautiful and so trendy! There are endless places to eat drink and shop in style… shame I turned up looking like the worst type of tourist! A poorly planned outfit that delivered quite a fright when I caught myself in a mirror later in the day.

We made a creepy detour to the church of the bones outside of Prague, although interesting to see at the time… it was a 2 hour detour for a 5 minute visit and with the catacombs in Paris I’m not 100% convinced it is worth the journey but hey it is ticked off “the list” and it was an experience as always.

There is much to do on this blog/website, there is tracking to add and old information to move aside for the new but we’ll get there. It isn’t as easy as it looks, I swear!

Talk soon x