Room with a view…


This was the mosque outside our room in Istanbul. It was snowing quite heavily when I took this picture but can’t really tell. The calls for prayer started veeeery early!!

If you are planning a visit then you must check out Hotel Ada in the “old town”, it was brilliant

Istanbul and other things…

So we’ve been in Istanbul for two nights… Had a day off from driving and carried out some express sightseeing of mosques and the Grand Bazaar which were all great. We have also stopped in at ANZAC Cove which was really good to experience. It’s a beautiful spot with a lot of respect shown for our boys… pics to follow soon.

If you have been watching our tracker then you may notice we are now going backwards. We have done a lot thinking and after taking on board some peoples concerns regarding our Syria route we have found an alternative but at a high cost and the potential forfeit of our Egypt tour. We are now bound for (near) Athens and will be departing here again on Monday. Pretty gutting really but we knew it may end up this way.