Who are these Kiwis?

Pic of Rich and Jo

Same people, same vehicle… mostly the same equipment, back again! This time we are heading to Australia via Asia and plan on updating this same blog along the way. The same ramblings and drivel as always! But the story below remains largely unchanged.

Hi everyone,

So for friends and family this page may seem a little self-important I guess but for those of you who are fellow overlander’s it also seems appropriate to introduce ourselves.

Richard and I (Jo) are both New Zealanders living and working in London. We decided after a short (and guiltily luxurious) holiday to Africa late in 2010 that we would do it again… by road. Richard was born in Malawi and has not returned since leaving the country for New Zealand as a boy so this is a great way for him to check out his old ‘hood… and I guess I’m just along for the ride ๐Ÿ™‚

We are both “car people” and so the biggest hurdle for us was choosing the right vehicle, right by our standards at least. Although we have had a number of alarmed facial expressions in response to our purchase of a 2008 LR Discovery 3 G4 Challenge edition we adore it and made our decision based on only having to fit a few essential items (roof tent and 6th wheel carrier). Everything on the car came from the factory and that gave us the confidence we needed. Such a personal thing though! There is a good selection of perfectly adequate vehicles to choose from but we had developed a bit of an emotional attachment to the G4 cars early on in the search and therefore waited a very patient 10 months for “the one” to come available. Richard was only narrowly steered away from the RR Sport V8 G4 model… imagine the consumption on that!!

Our site is constantly updating while we are on the road and at some point soon we will have a preparation page up and running, hopefully someone out there in Internet land will find this useful! We found detailed information for planning was often difficult to come by and so we will help where we can.


Feel free to contact us using the form below:


23 comments on “Who are these Kiwis?

  1. Hi Guys

    The drive looks exciting. Would have loved to have done it. Trust the new route is going well and you can still catch your tour.

  2. Hi rich,
    Slater here, hope you are both well – I see you are making good progress.
    Got the 1m – I’m loving it!!!!!

    • I’ll bet. You been going sideways yet?
      Met a cool guy here in Greece. He invited me back in summer. They close a coastal road for BMW drift. :-). Send me a pic of the 1m. You’ll have to bring that to the ring one of these days. It’ll be great there.

  3. I just saw LR Discovery 3 with bright G4 colours along Bole Road – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia few hours ago. As an overlander enthusiast myself, it just caught my eye. I was impressed.

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for noticing us and taking time to check out our little website. We really love our orange truck but it is very difficult to hide ๐Ÿ™‚

      Keep an eye on our progress and if you have any questions then please feel free to ask us.

      Take care,
      Jo and Rich

  4. Hi Rich & Jo,

    My husband Chris was so excited after seeing you in Addis today, my comment when he told me was ‘ tjo! what a brave couple’. Interesting indeed, enjoy your jorney it’s a pity I won’t spot you in the streets of johannesburg.


  5. this is awesome stuff guys . . . huge adventure with brilliant photos!! looking forward to hearing stories first hand when you guys are back!

  6. Hello Hello,
    Great Blog! A source of inspiration to someone who is hoping to drive a 1992 Defender from Cornwall to Cape Town in October 2012!

    I’m stuck with how to get the car into Egypt. How did you manage it!? Any tips?



    hoobnoob [at] gmail.com

    • Hoobnoob! I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for following us Rich, we will send you an email with some details for people to contact/get ideas from.

      There are a few options and all have their pros and cons.

      Also some tips for the car… Obviously our choice was a lot more risky than your Defender but we can hopefully give you some pointers for parts and assistance up North where LR’s are rare beasts!

      Jo and Richard (also!)

      • Thanks for getting back to me J&R! That would be great, thanks very much. I think I may have managed to find a small ferry that is newly set up between Mersin in Turkey and Port Said… We shall see!

        Hope to hear from you soon,


  7. Welcome to Cape Town Rich and Jo, I sent you my number on FB so give me a shout and I’ll show you guys around.

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